Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'll find you with the moon

We watched the diamonds in the night
laid there till after noon
you said you'd reach into the morning sky
and bring me back the moon

I laughed because it sounded odd
you smiled, said you would
I shrugged it off with just a nod
but I knew I was yours for good

you brought joy into my life
the kind I'd never known
when you asked if I would be your wife
I thought I’d never be alone

then one day, you kissed my cheek
said have a lovely day
and that's the last I'd hear you speak
before you went away

I fell apart, I couldn't breathe
I drowned in misery
and sinking in the depths of grief
I found you living in my poetry

and so here I sit, day and night
paper, pen in hand
and try to find you as I write
in the promised land

I fear the day I run out of words
or catch a writer's block
every day, I pray to the Lord
to speed up my ticking clock

we'll meet again when I die
on my last lonely afternoon
I’ll reach into the morning sky
and find you with the moon

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Through her blindfold

The old men sat around a table

until the day she was born

a beautiful goddess
her gushing golden curls
resting on the pure white robes
draped around her pale body

she was a masterpiece

she asked all of the questions
and knew all of the answers
as she kept the world in balance

and oh,
was she grand
as she held the scale of the universe
in her fingertips

armed with a double-edged sword
she was the demise
of every evil she encountered

but in all her glory
the old men knew
she was imperfect
flawed by preconception

so after much deliberation
they wrapped a cloth around her eyes
exchanged smug looks
and finally walked away
setting her free into the world

that Lady Justice could see
through her blindfold