Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Life

Gasping, crying, screaming,
pulsing, blinking, breathing,
weeping ‘cause she’s teething;

sleeping, dreaming, napping,
drooling, burping, babbling,
giggling when he’s clapping;

bouncing, bobbing, crawling,
standing, stepping, falling
playing with her dollies;

dancing, wiggling, rocking,
speaking, learning, talking,
wobbling as he’s walking;

drawing, finger-painting,
block-building, running, playing,
shoe laces aren’t staying;

counting, reading, writing,
swinging, jumping, sliding,
bruising from bike-riding;

changing, developing, growing,
swimming, kicking, throwing,
always moving, going;

studying, testing, striving,
arguing, cursing, fighting,
almost ready for driving;

texting, chatting, gaming,
steering, screeching, racing,
bullying, beating, chasing;

partying, drinking, smoking,
rule-breaking and provoking,
finding herself, feeling broken;

laboring, struggling, training,
meeting, kissing, dating,
job-hunting after graduating;

working, cooking, bill-paying,
shopping, settling, vacationing,
his hair has started graying;

liking, loving, marrying,
packing, moving, travelling,
soon enough, she’ll be carrying;

craving, hurling, growing,
decorating, buying, sewing,
everyone says she’s glowing;

howling, yelling, squealing,
dilating, pushing, bleeding,
holding, mothering, feeding;

cradling, wiping, folding,
disciplining, teaching, scolding,
raising, caring, doting;

reminiscing, remembering, tiring,
babysitting, wrapping-up, retiring,
doing everything he’d been desiring;

relocating, resting, lying,
weakening, crippling, declining,  
wheezing, gasping…

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reading: The "Woe" in Woman

So I finally did it -- I read one of my pieces to an audience! I was nervous, and my voice is shaking, so I apologize for that, but here's The "Woe" in Woman, a piece I read at Celebration of Women in the Arts, an event hosted by Women In Business at Baruch College in celebration of International Women's Day.

If you'd like to read the piece, it's in the previous posting.

Shout-outs to everyone who performed; you all were amazing and inspiring :)

And Happy International Women's Day!