Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Life

Gasping, crying, screaming,
pulsing, blinking, breathing,
weeping ‘cause she’s teething;

sleeping, dreaming, napping,
drooling, burping, babbling,
giggling when he’s clapping;

bouncing, bobbing, crawling,
standing, stepping, falling
playing with her dollies;

dancing, wiggling, rocking,
speaking, learning, talking,
wobbling as he’s walking;

drawing, finger-painting,
block-building, running, playing,
shoe laces aren’t staying;

counting, reading, writing,
swinging, jumping, sliding,
bruising from bike-riding;

changing, developing, growing,
swimming, kicking, throwing,
always moving, going;

studying, testing, striving,
arguing, cursing, fighting,
almost ready for driving;

texting, chatting, gaming,
steering, screeching, racing,
bullying, beating, chasing;

partying, drinking, smoking,
rule-breaking and provoking,
finding herself, feeling broken;

laboring, struggling, training,
meeting, kissing, dating,
job-hunting after graduating;

working, cooking, bill-paying,
shopping, settling, vacationing,
his hair has started graying;

liking, loving, marrying,
packing, moving, travelling,
soon enough, she’ll be carrying;

craving, hurling, growing,
decorating, buying, sewing,
everyone says she’s glowing;

howling, yelling, squealing,
dilating, pushing, bleeding,
holding, mothering, feeding;

cradling, wiping, folding,
disciplining, teaching, scolding,
raising, caring, doting;

reminiscing, remembering, tiring,
babysitting, wrapping-up, retiring,
doing everything he’d been desiring;

relocating, resting, lying,
weakening, crippling, declining,  
wheezing, gasping…

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