Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am Alice

I am Alice
in Wonderland;
diving down the rabbit hole,
plunging into a place unknown,

I pass by grandfather clocks
and pretty little teapots
on my endless drop
into darkness.

I understand the clocks;
their hands ticking away,
snatching dear moments off
like breadcrumbs
as I watch them crumble and spill
into the swelling pile of sand
on the bottom of an hourglass;
this is where I sit,
desperately trying to claw my way out,
drowning in my incessant fate,
I am a prisoner of time.

…but what’s with the teapots?

I am Alice
in Wonderland
and I am free-falling
into an abyss.

At first, I feared the end,
when I would suddenly crash
into the cold ground,
but now
I’m afraid that the end
will never come,
that I will never stop falling.

Eventually, I will wake up,
gasping for the air
that will flood my lungs.

But for now,
I am Alice.
Come find me in Wonderland.
We’ll have some tea.

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