Monday, November 18, 2013


I want you to know

I’m a mess
coffee stain on my dress lipstick smeared tripping over my heels
kind of a mess

I talk a lot
especially when I’m nervously trying to fill awkward silences

and I’m loud, like really loud
like you’d probably be embarrassed to be seen with me in public
kind of loud

I scrunch my nose when I laugh
and I bite my bottom lip when I’m nervous

if you tickle me
I will go into survival mode

I can’t watch horror movies
but my favorite genre is mystery

I have an abnormally large assortment of nail polish
and I collect jewelry from around the world

I have self-diagnosed slight OCD
and I love to lose myself in inspiration

I can’t cook without blasting music
and dancing around in the kitchen

I rarely leave the house without makeup
because I’m afraid people will see my acne scars

I may seem like I’m a strong woman
but I’m more fragile than you’ll ever know

I’m terrified to let anyone in
because I’m scared they’ll break me

I have dreams bigger than you could ever imagine
bigger than my own life could ever hold
and I hope you want my dreams
because I want to want your dreams too

I want you to know

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