Saturday, March 22, 2014

Labels (Video)

One of my very good friends, Maneetpaul Singh, is incredibly talented with video work so he and I teamed up to create a "Labels" video project :)

Here is the video: 

Labels from Maneetpaul Singh on Vimeo.

Hope you all enjoy it! We'd love for you to spread the love and share the video!

And here is the poem that I wrote for the bookends of the video:

Do not define me by my clothes or the color of my skin
Do not define me by the many shapes that I’ve been in
I am not my weakness or my flaws
I am not the person that I was

Do not condense me to a word
The rest of me will go unheard
And when you see me unconfined
You’ll see that I am not defined

So take this label that I wear
Let it burn into the air
I am not the words that you assign
There’s so much more than meets the eye

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