Monday, March 10, 2014

Your beautiful mind

I do not care
about the thread count
of the suit you wear
or how much dough you make,
I’m not fascinated
by your imported silk pocket squares
or your fancy steaks

Your stocks and bonds?
I could care less
So you’re a V.I.P.?
I’m not impressed

Don’t tell me about the interiors
of the many cars you own
or how much you paid
for your cologne

I could care less
if you were made of gold
Tell me, how rich is your soul?

I care only for the colors
of the thoughts you paint,
each brushstroke
of what you create

I only want to know
what makes you feel,
your morality, conscience,
and your ideals

I want to know the depths
of your tremendous spirit,
what drives you,
and what you hold dearest

I will define you only by that
which resides in your heart
because that is all that is left
if your world falls apart

I do not care 
for the riches you find
I will only fall

for your beautiful mind

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